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Eau 'Burg


Title: Testing Begins
Author: Eau 'Burg
Characters: JP/OFC
Rating: NC17
Warnings: RPF, sexually explicit, adult language
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, except for some basic facts this in no way ever occurred
About this story: Recently, a contributor to this community posted a story in which whips taking down chandeliers was mentioned. This sparked my interest in tales of the destruction wreaked by the band, and I wrote one scenario involving a television that got pushed out of a hotel room window. Then the contributor threw out a challenge for someone to write a Ledded_Pencils story about the following scenario relayed by a journalist, who interviewed Jimmy Page in 1977. The interview took place in Jimmy Page's hotel room in the Ambassador East Hotel which was Led Zeppelin’s Chicago base. According to the reporter "While plugging in the microphone, I glanced up and saw a huge hole in the wall; massive chunks of plaster littered the floor where a completely destroyed telephone also sat in pieces. I looked up at Jimmy, briefly, and he noted the concern on my face. He told me the ringing of the phone bothered him, so he took it off the hook. But then the busy signal noises perturbed him even more. . . ‘There was nothing left for me to do,’ Jimmy said, wearing a strange little grin, ‘but pull the phone out of the wall. And just carry on.’ " Of course Jimmy wasn't going to tell a journalist the real reason the phone got damaged...

"Don’t get up, come back to bed."

"I’ve got to get going, I’ve got a test in the morning and I need to get some rest."

"It’s not that late and I’m not done with you yet darling, I’ll write you a note to excuse you from taking the test."

"I’m not taking the test, I’m giving the test. Some of my students may have actually studied."

Going after her, he wraps his long arms around her waist and pulls her to him, "Why don’t you give me a lesson instead Teacher."

"As if I could teach you anything, you already showed me things I never even though of."

She can feel his cock flex against her buttocks at that and realizes she has turned him on again. She wiggles out of his grip and picks up the telephone on the room’s desk to call a taxi. He takes the phone out of her hand and says "C’mon teacher. Let’s ball some more, I can’t sleep."

"Funny, give me back the phone Jimmy"

With a grin Jimmy pulls the telephone cord from its attachment in the wall, then, aiming for the balcony, Jimmy tries to toss the phone out the balcony door opened to a sultry June night. Instead of flying through the rather large target, Jimmy accidently flings the phone into the wall next to the open door. Plaster fell to the floor from the telephone-sized hole in the wall. The phone itself was lying in the pile of plaster, in pieces. He stands over the mess and in a perturbed voice he remarks "How’m I to get my wake-up call now?"

Teacher bursts into laughter, and Jimmy strides over to her. Ignoring her resistance he maneuvers her back into bed and straddles her lush body with his slender one. Her arms trapped by his legs against her body, he reaches for the bottle of Jack Daniels on the bedside table and takes a healthy swig. Setting it back down, he picks up the white silk scarf. Taking hold of one wrist, he loops the scarf over it, runs it through the top rail of the bedframe and snugs it up.

"Jimmy what are you doing ? You can’t do this!"

"I am doing it. I need more time with you, relax and enjoy yourself." He releases her other arm and loops more scarf around that wrist. Pulling the scarf taut he stretches her arms over her head and secures it to the bedframe. Looking down, he likes the position he’s in, with her arms stretched over her head her breasts are out there for him to play with. But before he does he takes advantage of the proximity of teachers’ mouth to his junk. She murmurs grudgingly "Ok, I’ll suck you off but then I’m going."

"Thank you for that concession Miss Teacher" and then her mouth surrounds his meat. Teacher is good at giving head, doesn’t scrape any tender skin with her perfect teeth, and her tongue explores all the variations in his prick from the silky glans to the sensitive area just below his head, and down the veined hardness of his shaft. He draws his saliva wet cock from teachers’ mouth and raises up a little so she can lick his sac while his hand gently milks his cock. The velvety-rough texture delights her tongue and she gently draws one tantalizing ball into her mouth earning a sharp inhale as her reward. She gives the other ball the same attention until Jimmy inhales and says to stop. He allows her another taste of his pre cum before he shifts his body lower. Rubbing his penis over her breasts he tells her "Your tits are perfect for fucking, big and soft . . . " He teases her nipples and pushes her breasts together firmly, enveloping his cock with their lushness.

"Jimmy, please . . . ,"

"Please what teacher?"

"I’m so fucking wet, please, I want you to fuck me."

"Really? I should probably research teachers’ wet pussy, I might be tested on it." He shifts his body further down hers and settles between her legs. Sitting on his heels he drapes her legs over his. "This is a gorgeous pink quim I see," separating her labia with his finger he strokes from her clit to her hole, inserting just the tip of his finger. "Mmm, it is quite wet here, but I wonder if we can’t get teachers’ quim to drip with juice." He pushes his finger all the way in her hole and she groans, it’s just not enough now for her aching pussy. But her foolish body writhes anyway.

"I can’t take anymore, please . . . "

"Oh you can take a lot more," and slides another finger home, firmly pushing his fingers as far up her hole as they will go. Thrusting his long fingers in and out of her he states, "I don’t think teacher knows her own limits." He pulls his fingers out of her hole as she cries for him not to. He moves back a little, "Turn over now"

"Jimmy, just fuck me!"

He pulls one of her long legs over until she’s on her belly, resting her head on her forearms, her restrained arms crossed before her. He draws back his hand and gives her ass a sharp slap. "Does teacher know why she’s getting spanked, no?" Without giving her a chance to answer he spanks her again and rests his open hand on her cheek. "You’ve been telling me what to do, ‘just fuck me’ is not the way you speak to your student that’s working so hard for you." Crack comes one more.

Whimpering now, she says softly "Please Jimmy. I need you in me so bad."

"That’s better, now what was I doing? Oh yes, I was right about here." He tugs on her hips so her ass is raised for his convenience. This time three fingers work their way into her cunt and thrust away, quicker this time and harder. He eases his thumb into her anus and works both holes till she starts breathing hard and fast and her arched back pushes her bottom higher into the air and she can’t help but to spread her legs further. She has no more control over her body. It’s just going to do what needs to be done for her to reach her climax. He eases his hand from her bottom and feeds his fingers to her, slick with her juices. She sucks them clean.

Settling himself behind her sliding his dick up and down her labia wetting it, he positions his cock at her hole and drives it in. In one quick hard motion he is fully penetrating her and she cries out in relief of having that aching emptiness finally full.

Crack, comes a spank, then a thrust, then crack, hand meets ass again. She cries louder with each spank and more with each thrust. Which is giving her more pleasure she can’t tell, they come so close together. The spanking subsides and Jimmy begins thrusting in earnest. "Is teacher happy to have my dick in her now?"

"Yes, yes, oh Jimmy, I’m coming."

The pace and strength of his thrusts increase to the point that she keens nonstop. "You’re a noisy slutty teacher you just love my dick don’t you." Now his rate of breathing speeds up, he can’t slow it down and she is so close to coming he doesn’t need to.

With a noisy exclamation she comes hard, almost bucking out of his grip. He barely succeeds in holding on to her till he comes to an equally loud orgasm.

Her ass still in the air, quivering, he collapses over her back. His cock slips out of her pussy and their juices drip on his thighs. Smiling he says "We’re a couple of messy fuckers," and gently pushes at her till she lays down. He lays himself beside her, breathing returning to normal and feeling every bone loose in his body.

After catching her breath, she asks "Please, untie me now Jimmy."

With a start at his forgetfulness he pulls the scarf loose and her wrists are free again. Test complete.

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