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ledded_pencils's Journal

Ledded Pencils
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Ledded Pencils is a community for HET Led Zeppelin fiction
This humble little community is a place for hetrosexual fiction about the members of the majestic band Led Zeppelin 1968-1980. Fics about the members away from their Zep Life are welcome too (solo careers). This is a moderated community and membership requires approval, just because....

The rules are few and simple:

1. Place all stories behind a cut regardless of their rating to conserve space on the main page.

2. Treat your fellow community members well, criticise constructively and play nice.

3. Maturity and good communication is a must. Nobody will bite you if you forget a full stop or comma now and then.

4. Ratings are not necessary but content warnings are very much appreciated.

5. Contact me, mzmaihem (Felice), at the email shown above if you have any queries or comments about this place.

Cheers and enjoy!