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Play It Again, James

  Play It Again, James
Author:  Eau 'Burg
Rating: NC-17 
Characters: JP/OFC
Summary:  3,776 words, follow up to On The Sixth, Jimmy meets Lena three years later
Warnings: NSFW. Language. RPF. 
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, inspired by real events, but never occured in actuality.

Theremin FreakoutJimmy came off stage last after bowing to the crowd. Everyone was furious with him for flying commercial instead of Starship1 and being hours late for the gig. But he was tired of being so removed from the real world,
fuck if he’d apologize. They got a great show even if it was delayed by his whim and equipment problems. Got handed his usual Heineken and Marlboros by a roadie and then ran into one of their crew who gave him a note and told him that the woman who wrote it was waiting to find out if Jimmy would see her, she had said something about the November Winterland gigs in ‘69 and meeting the band at the hotel back then. Jimmy quickly scanned the note and smiled and told him to bring her to him. The crew guy ran off and Jimmy looked at the note again, it read "Jimmy, Push, Push, Lovely Lena." After a short wait he spotted a brown haired woman heading his way, wearing a pretty flowing skirt and snug white tank top. When she stopped in front of him she looked up at him and smiled "I couldn’t resist coming to see you guys again, I really wasn’t going to try to get backstage but I just had an impulse." Jimmy opened his arms and Lena stepped in, breathing in his scent and feeling his sweat - soaked clothing under her hands.

Even after three years his slender body felt familiar, whipcord strong. His face was a little leaner with more angles, not quite so youthful anymore, but he was ethereally beautiful. She turned her head slightly and dropped the lightest kiss on his damp neck, daring with just the tip of her tongue to taste his salty skin. Jimmy gave a start and grabbed her hand and brought her into an empty office backing her up to the desk, she sat on top of it, spreading her legs he stepped between them and said "I’m glad you gave into the impulse, it’s a lovely surprise." He started kissing her neck giving her love bites then washing the small pain away with his tongue. His hands were on her breasts, while she stroked his cock to full arousal. He had already been semi-aroused as he frequently was coming off stage, making music with his mates was very sensual. They had to be attuned to each other to make their music soar and when it did, it gave him a nearly sexual thrill. "I don’t have a lot of time, are you up for this?"

"I’ve had nearly three hours of foreplay watching you on stage, playing guitar. I’ve been wet the entire concert, remembering, just do it."

He laid her back, pulling her underpants off, he then touched his fingers to her pussy, "You are dripping wet, thank god." He unzipped and entered her, fucking them both into a quick finish.

She lay on the desk for a moment, recovering, "How do you make me come so fast?"

"Playing the guitar’s not my only talent, just my only marketable one. Also it seems you rather fancy me." While he zipped up and lit a cigarette, Lena used her underpants to clean up Jimmy’s cum on her thighs and stuffed it in her hand bag.

"Grant’s going to be raving about me disappearing again after my flight delay."

"So you’re why the show was so late then?"

"Yeah, couldn’t stand the thought of being stuck on a plane with the same people I’ve been hand in pocket with for over a month, we’re all getting tired of each others faces and conversation. Even though tomorrow’s the last gig and we’re flying straight home for a month, I couldn’t take it another minute. So I took another flight, which managed to be delayed."

They could hear someone knocking on doors and calling for ‘Mr. Page.’

"Why don’t you get away a little longer and come home with me? I’ll whip up something for dinner, you can relax or we can do something. I’ll drive you to the airport in the morning."

"Let me think."

There was a knock on the door "Mr. Page, are you in here?"

Jimmy went to the office door and opened it, a security guard informed him "Sir, your cars are ready to leave and Mr. Grant and some gentlemen are looking for you."

Jimmy asked him "Can you get us out of here quick without running into them?"

The guard grinned and motioned for them to follow. He led them out a side door without running into any of the Zeppelin camp. Jimmy shook his hand and asked him to tell someone that he had run into an old friend and would make his own way to Los Angeles "Tell Grant I’ll be at the hotel in the morning."

Lena took Jimmy’s hand to lead him to her car, a little yellow Bug. She threw the Bug into first and peeled out of the parking lot heading for her apartment in the Castro. She took the first turn fast and laughing she looked over at Jimmy who was holding on for dear life to the grab bar.

"Could you take it a little slower Lena, I’d like to show up at the Forum tomorrow in one piece."

"Sorry about that I was feeling a little like Bonnie and Clyde making a quick getaway."

"Bonnie and Clyde were gangsters right?"

To distract him, Lena proceeded to fill Jimmy in on Bonnie and Clyde, and took it nice and easy to her one bedroom apartment on 19th Street. They stopped on the way so Lena could buy Jimmy smokes as their quick getaway meant Jimmy came with only the clothes on his back, half a beer, and a couple of cigarettes. She had plenty of everything else at her place, except clothes. She couldn’t imagine Jimmy would want to wear his sweat permeated white tunic and trousers for another minute. "We’ll have to cadge some clothes for you, one of my neighbors is about your size, maybe a little shorter, he’s always got nice clothes, I’ll borrow jeans and a shirt for you."

"Grand, see if he’ll give me a sweater too, I’m always cold."

They got a space in front of her building which was a converted Victorian containing a rabbit’s warren of apartments. Hers was on the second floor in the back, it was small but cozy and quiet.

She showed Jimmy the shower and ran downstairs to raid Richard’s closet.

"What did you do you slut, rip the poor man’s clothes to shreds?" asked Richard as they sifted through his shirts and jeans. Lena held up a plain white Henley and a neat pair of Levis, Richard pulled out a rather cozy looking cardigan, that had a sort of Scandinavian look to it, they would do.

"His clothes were sacrificed to the Gods of Lust and Lasciviousness. Should get him a belt too, there’s not much to him, except for where it matters, of course." They giggled and shared a glass of wine while they selected Jimmy’s ensemble. Arms laden with clothing and the open bottle of red wine, Lena headed back up stairs.

Jimmy was standing naked with a damp towel around his waist in the kitchen, her favorite room in her apartment, looking through her refrigerator. "I’m incredibly hungry after a gig, and then you went and had your way with me, making it even worse. Didn’t you mention feeding me?"

"Here are clothes and a bottle of red wine, go get dressed and I’ll whip something up quick."

He gave Lena a kiss and a smack on the bottom, "You’ve become a bossy wench in a couple of years, but I’ll obey because I’m starving and cold." And took the clothes and the wine with him into the bedroom, as she started to cook. He returned looking impossibly good in his borrowed clothes. "That is smelling good, is it ready yet?"

"Almost, pass me the wine." She poured some of the wine into her special pasta sauce and gave it a stir pronouncing it done. They sat down at her kitchen table and started eating. Jimmy did not come up for air except to ask for more. After two platefuls he leaned back lit a cigarette and took a big sip of the wine, "That was good, I could get fat eating your food, do you always cook like that?"

"Mostly just for friends and for work, I’m a chef in an Italian restaurant now."

"How are you going to meet rock bands if you’re in the kitchen?"

Slightly uncomfortable, she said "That was a one time deal Jimmy, nothing like that has ever happened before or since. It was a unique experience, one I really got off on, but . . . "

He interrupted "I’m sorry for implying you were out to shag rock bands. That’s not how I see you, you were different from the girls who usually flogged themselves to the band. You know we never did that again, but all the guys remember the night, Robert’s immortalized it, he even sings ‘Push Push’ whenever he’s urging us to take it to the next level."

"I did notice that, it made me laugh, I’d heard that on tapes of your shows that my friends trade around."

"Naughty girl, you’ve got bootleg tapes. I may have to search your person for contraband."

Lena shot him a cheeky grin "Only if you promise to punish me for possession of unauthorized recordings."

Giving her back an equally cheeky grin he said "I should punish you for a great many things girl. But I’m currently too mellow to give you much more than a swat, and all my things are in Los Angeles."

"Hmm, too bad. Shall we retire to the living room and get a little more mellow with some righteous weed from Weed grown by an old friend?"

"Lovely suggestion, off to the parlor then."

Lena put on Catch A Fire by The Wailers while Jimmy sat on the couch and rolled a fatty. "I just got this album, I’d never heard reggae before have you?"

"Yeah Jimmy Cliff, and a few others, I’ve got this too, it’s a real knockout."

Lena sat at the opposite end of the couch and asked Jimmy if he wanted a foot rub, he put his feet on her lap and she began massaging his long slender feet. He asked what she had been doing in the years since their meeting three and a half years ago. She told him shortly after their encounter in November of ‘69, she had saved up enough from waitressing to spend a year in Europe. She struggled with the decision to uproot her safe, comfortable life in order to learn how to cook real French and Italian food, so she could become a chef, which was her dream.

In a slow, sleepy voice he said "Making unconventional choices has been my way of life since I was 15 years old. Whenever I’ve come to a crossroads, I’ve always taken the road into the unknown. It was scary at first, but it’s second nature now. I’ve been fortunate because it’s always turned out right. Obviously you made the right decision"

"It was a first for me, taking that leap, in fact it was my experience with you guys that gave me the impetus to do it. The safe road would have been to say no to Robert and Bonzo, allowing myself the experience was life-altering. I haven’t been afraid to take chances since. Who knew sex with Led Zeppelin would be so freeing?"

Jimmy laughed, "And here I thought we were just a bunch of sex maniacs. This foot rub is very nice, my feet are quite relaxed but another part of me is rather tense."

Lena looked and then ran her hand up his leg to his crotch, running her palm up the length of his bulge and circling the head with her fingers, "Tension is good when relaxation follows," she undid the front of his borrowed jeans and started rhythmically stroking his long curved cock. She nudged her way between his legs and moved up his body so she could get a good look at the thing that had brought her so much sensual pleasure earlier. She gently ran her tongue up his length and planted a kiss on the head. His pre-cum smeared on her lips, she looked up at him and ran her tongue around her mouth, enjoying the tangy, salty taste of him. It made her smile.

He smiled back at her, "Like that do you, well go ahead, feast away."

Cheeky man, she thought to herself, I’ll show him feasting, she caught some of the soft skin near his cock-hole in her teeth and tugged. At that his entire body tensed and he drew in a breath as she opened her mouth wide and went down, taking his cock all the way in, his pubic hairs tickling her nose.

"Holy fuck that was a shock, nobody’s ever taken a bite out of me before, not that I didn’t like it." He repeated himself "Holy hell, you bit me prick."

"Richard, from downstairs told me about it. If you want to learn how to handle a man’s junk properly, or improperly, ask a gay man to teach you."

"I’m a little frightened but keep going, love."

Sitting up Lena pulled off Jimmy’s jeans, leaving him wearing only his borrowed shirt, snuggling back between his legs Lena wet two fingers in her mouth and gently inserted them into his bum, taking his cock back in her mouth at the same time. She drew him deep, stroking up with her fingers with each downward suck, hitting his prostate and causing Jimmy nearly unbearable pleasure. He could barely keep himself from twisting out of her grasp. His arms reached over his head to hold on to the arm of the couch, trying to control his movements, he wanted this to last longer but he didn’t think he was going to hold out much longer. He couldn’t believe that Lena was getting him to go off as fast as a schoolboy. Lena went all the way down again, the head of his cock well down her throat, she was barely gagging, when she let up a little bit, he finally went off, losing his load in her mouth. Moving up his body, she kissed him, letting him drink his own cum when he opened his mouth. He was breathing hard and quivering. She kissed his cheek and said "I’m going to wash up, I’ll see you in the bedroom when you can walk again." With a smile she got up.

He lay there oblivious to the delicious picture he presented, naked from the waist down, legs sprawled, an arm thrown over his eyes, breathing hard, Lena looked long and then went to the bath. When she came to her bedroom after her shower, he was laying in her bed sound asleep. She lifted the covers and slid next to his warm naked body. She drifted off to sleep smiling.

She woke slowly the next morning. It was still dark but her lover was awake and playing with her breasts, spreading feather light strokes and blowing air on them, causing the nipples to pucker and harden. When he saw she was awake he pulled her over to him to press her body tightly against his, taking her jaw in his hand when she turned it away.

"Jimmy, I’ve got morning breath and I’ve got to pee."

"Right, me too, hurry up or I’ll stop being a gentleman and go first."

Lena jumped up and finished quickly, diving back into bed, "Damn it’s cold, I hate San Francisco summers."

Jimmy took his turn just as quickly, and got back under the warm blankets. She wrapped herself around him warming up his shivering body, and they began kissing each other. He worked his way down her body, taking his time with her breasts, sucking and licking the tips, clamping his teeth on them and giving them a tug, as she did last night with his cock. He flipped her over and straddled the backs of her thighs, starting at her neck he licked and kissed his way down her spine, her bottom and lingered at the back of her knee licking and biting the sensitive skin there. On an impulse he stood at the side of her bed and arranged her so her legs were hanging off the bed, he knelt between her legs and spread her cheeks apart exposing her. His warm wet tongue on her pussy caused a bolt to spear through her body. First she tensed and then without thought, she went utterly limp, all senses closed off, only able to feel the exquisite sensation of Jimmy’s mouth and tongue in her slit. He stood, and slid two fingers into her and started finger-fucking her, nice and slow, he worked another finger into her bum, and bent down to drop wet kisses on the small of her back. She had a huge orgasm rather quickly after that, and Jimmy raised up her leg on the bed, opening her wide and entering her. It felt like his long cock just kept getting deeper and deeper into her vagina, then finally he was all the way in, his groin snug up against hers. God he felt good way up in her, involuntarily she clenched her pelvic muscles as she anticipated what came next. Working her pussy, Jimmy relentlessly thrust into Lena slow and deep, taking his time with his pleasure. His breathing was controlled and regular, while hers sped up and even stopped when he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Hands clenched in the bed spread, she had no other locus of sensation other than her vagina and it felt like her entire body was filled with Jimmy’s cock. After a few more quick thrusts, Lena came again, her whole body quivering with feeling. Jimmy turned her over and held her till she recovered her ability to breathe normally. Gazing into his eyes, she wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her legs around slim hips.

"I take it you’re ready for another round?" He asked as he entered her.

"Another orgasm will probably kill me, but I’ll die a happy woman."

" Maybe we’d better not. I’ve got a bad enough rap without ‘Jimmy Page balls woman to death’ being the next headline."

Then drew in a breath as her inner muscles clenched on his prick and she replied "Stop, and you’re not getting it back."

"Round three will be over quickly if you keep that up."

"I want it hard and fast this time James."

"Yes, my lady" He braced his weight on the bed and began moving in her harder than he had previously, now his breath too became rapid and uneven as his movements came fast and forceful. Lena angled her bottom to feel more contact with him, which not unsurprisingly, sent him over the edge. Losing any resemblance of control, he pounded into her harder and harder, his expression going completely blank. His head dropping forward and his back curving he grimaced as if in pain and came. This in turn set Lena off, coming for the third time that morning. She fell back on the bed bringing Jimmy with her so he wouldn’t fall on the floor as he was now completely legless. As their breath and hearts slowed to normal Lena held Jimmy tight until he stirred. Raising up on his elbow, Jimmy looked down at her not saying a word until she smiled at him.

"Glad you’re still alive Lena, you must be a very strong girl."

"Not feeling really strong at the moment, but I like the way you make me weak. It’s only the second time I felt this way."

"The first being the last time we played San Francisco. Poor darling, and me a gypsy musician always off to the next gig. Which is Los Angeles tonight. I should bathe, or do you want to go first?"

"You go ahead. I’ll fix us something to eat."

After showering and eating bagels with cream cheese, Jimmy came to a halt on their way out. "I’ve just realized I’m going to have to impose on you in a rather large way. I’ve no ticket or money, poor planning on my part, but you did lure me away with promises of food and entertainment."White Henley

"Entirely my fault James, apologies. I’ll hunt up some cash."

They met Richard coming home from his nights’ adventures, giving both Jimmy and Lena kisses he said to her "Looks like both of us got a good seeing-to last night," and to Jimmy "Darling I’m jealous you look so much better in my clothes than I do."

Laughing, Lena said "Got any bread left after last night? Need to put this poor fellow on a plane to L.A."

"Of course, beautiful men such as gorgeous here and myself never have to pay." Richard handed over his wallet to Lena who sent him up to her flat for coffee and bagels with promises of details when she got back. Jimmy and Lena headed for the car and took off for the airport. After they parked, they headed to the ticket counter, the next flight to L.A. was boarding now, the ticket agent told them to hurry and they would make the flight.

Jimmy took Lena’s hand and said "Tell me a goodbye now sweetheart. Thank you for the wonderful night away and taking such good care of such a selfish bastard. I really don’t deserve such generosity."

Lena stepped into him and kissed him, "Jimmy, you are the music, I love that about you. I’m glad I was able to take care of the man for a short while, but I know the music comes first. Goodbye."

"Lena, I don’t have your address to pay you and your friend back."

"Our treat, now go."

"Come to our next San Francisco gig."

"I’ll be there, now go or you’ll miss the flight!"

Jimmy turned and hurried to the departure area. Lena watched him till he went around a corner. She hugged herself, glad she’d had Jimmy Page for one more night. She got back in her car and headed back to the Castro to let Richard comfort her, because even though she talked a good game, it hurt to not having him for herself for good. She could wait and hope it wouldn’t be so long this time, till Led Zeppelin played San Francisco again.

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