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Sick Again

 Title: Sick Again
Author: Pearl (or </a></font></b></a>beatles_who)
Starring: Jimmy Page, OFC
Rating: R (for language)
Disclaimer: No one is from my creation (except the OFC)
Synopsis: This was originally going to be smutty (my first), but kind of got a mind of it's own halfway through. It's definitely NOT clean, but just not graphic either. (c. 1975)

Alright, this is my first time posting a fic here, so...enjoy? It's more of a dialogue exchange, than any real action, but it has Jimmy either way. :)

Jimmy really couldn't have been any more bored than he was at the party he was attending at this moment. It was one of the less 'crazy' scenes, and just a regular dinner between his band and some head executives that were aiding in the creation of their new Swan Song label. As an excuse to not explain what his 'plans' were for the umptienth time, Jimmy made an excuse of needing another drink to leave the living room. Making his way to the kitchen, he actually found that he really did want an urgent drink. A Jack Daniels to be exact. 

When he walked into the room, he found the back of a petite, dark haired girl of about age 17, in a strapless white Summer dress, reaching from a shelf for, would you know it? A bottle of Jack Daniels. Turning around after grabing the bottle, she gave a slight gasp of surprise at finding someone else in the room.

"Oh!" She exclaimed with a slight laugh. "I didn't know anybody else came in here as well." When she then noticed his blank, yet intrigued, face, she remembered just what exactly she was holding in her hand. "This isn't for me," she quickly explained. "I was just getting it for my uncle."

"Your uncle?" Jimmy asked, wondering how a girl her age was affiliated with this kind of scene. He hadn't even seen her in the house before now.

"He's one of the big guys in there. My family's visiting, and let me come along here, as he could see I might need a break. Or more like begged." She smirk grew on her face as she placed the liqour bottle on the table next to her. "It's not like it's everyday you're this close to the biggest cock-- band in the world." The girl corrected herself, though her wording didn't seem that much like an accident.

Jimmy chose to ignore her slip for the moment, and walked toward her,  asking instead; "Would you mind if I poured myself a glass of some of that before you left?" Now standing right in front of her.

"Oh, no." She said and went to get a glass.

"A rather big glass," he added with a tired sigh.

She chuckled. "Sure," and got a tall one before handing the bottle and glass to him. Letting him decide how much he wanted poured. When he was done pouring pretty much half the bottle, he raised the drink to his mouth and began to swallow the liquid.

"I'm making you hard."

Nearly choking from surprise at what he thought he heard, Jimmy asked, "what?" between a cough.

"I said you like your liquor hard." She repeated, unfazed. Then added, "I've heard."

"Hmm. Really?" Jimmy casually asked rhetorically, and set the glass down on the table. "And what is it you've heard?" He lead her on.

"Nothing that you're not aware of." The girl answered coyly. "But it's not what I'm hearing that's interesting me."

"Oh? And what else might be interesting you?" Jimmy furthered the conversation.

The girl scooted herself up to sit on the counter behind her and be at eye level. Her legs brushed against his as she lifted herself.

"I want to know what exactly it feels like to be literally wanted by half of the world's population-- from the female sex to be exact-- And I wouldn't be surprised if some blokes were in there too. From the ages of 13 and older."

"I wouldn't say that young..." He lingered for an answer.

"Liar." She stated factly.

"You don't know who I've been with." He retorted with an increasing smile, amused.

"Oh? What about that group of middle schoolers I hear about dancing around with the Stooges, and T.Rex, and whatever else band visits California?" She responded and raised a glass of bubbly liquid to drink to herself.

"Well, if you're going to dig deep into this, you're not much older than them, you know." Jimmy informed.

"Please. I've been out of middle school for quite some time now." She rolled her eyes.

"So you're fully experienced?" He asked sarcastically with a smirk.

The girl swung her leg out toward him with a kick as a joke, but he stepped back in time and grabbed her ankle before possibly touching him. When she didn't make a move to disconnect her leg, he held it for a second. He finally let go and said "I never said I was a role model." 

"What are you talking about? All celebrities are role models!" She exclaimed with mock shock.

Jimmy groaned at her statement. "God, is that what I've become as well?"

"Well, with the band you've created." She answered, and for humor put in, "but don't worry. Robert's much more well sought after than the rest of you." 

He laughed smally and stepped close to her so that his hand was placed on the counter next to her side. "I don't think I've ever been to a duller party." He commented dryly.

"Why, thank you."

"Running into you might be the most memorable moment of the night." He continued slightly absent mindedly.

"I'll take that as a compliment." The girl raised her hands over her head as if to stretch and commented; "You should go to bed."


"You know, for rest. Which can usually be a result from boredom...and other things." She smirked, her cheeks turning pink presently. "There's actually a Queen size bed upstairs. Two can fit in it. And as the time gets later, I'm feeling rather tired myself." And raised her hand to face to cover a fake yawn.

Jimmy didn't speak, but instead brought his hand to her face and softly rubbed her cheek. "You're a very good persuader."

"Well, I took--" But he moved his thumb to her lips to cease her from speaking. She then decided to open her mouth and suck on it. When her tongue touched his thumb, he pulled his hand back. The girl bit her bottom lip before asking, "shouldn't you make some kind of excuse to why you'e gone?"

He gave a slight shrug and answered, "not really. Don't worry about it."

Still dazed, she said, "I wish I had your curfew."

Jimmy laughed at that. "I don't think anybody has a curfew tonight." And grabbed her hand. She then took that as the message to get off the table. 

As she stepped on the ground, she began with, " I guess every party's like-- ah!" But was pulled quite swiftly and quickly out of the kitchen.

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