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Title: Televison Falls
Author: Eau 'Burg
Characters: JP/OFC
Summary: Short but sweet vignette inspired by mnamanarayana's Quiet Life, explaining just how that that television fell through that window
Rating: R 
Warnings: RPF, sexually explicit
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, in no way ever occured, except for the tele part.

As soon as they closed the door to the hotel room, he pushed her miniskirt up and over her bottom and pulled down her silky panties. Unzipping her shiny leather jacket, so he had access to her breasts, he pushed her against the bureau.

He brought her stocking clad leg up so her high heel clad foot rested on the bench and spit on his fingers and used his spit to lube his hard on. He entered her suddenly, she gasped in surprise and pain, she wasn't quite ready, slapping her ass hard he told her to hold on and proceeded to fuck her. With every thrust was she pushed a bit farther on to the bureau and as she grabbed for something to hold on to she kept knocking things over, a bottle of whiskey, a couple of glasses, a nearly full ashtray and the lamp, she was close to the edge of the bureau now and close to orgasm, next thing to block her from falling off the bureau was the television stand. She braced her self on it and Jimmy gave her a couple of really hard thrusts pushing Jolie over the edge into her orgasm and almost, if Jimmy hadn't grabbed her, onto the floor, because the television stand was on wheels and that last thrust shoved it into the wall that had a window the same height as the television on the stand. As the television flew through the open window Jimmy started cumming too. When he finally caught his breath he looked up and said "Oh fuck, not another television."
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