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 My first entry of hopefully many to come. It's pretty long, but too lazy today for dividing it into chapters. This story was inspired by the third picture down which I first saw months ago, that induced some nice fantasies for me. With the encouragment of a good friend and fellow Zep Head I came up with this...

Title:  On The Sixth
Author:  Eau 'Burg
Rating: NC-17 
Characters: In order of appearance, Lena the waitress, RP/JB/JP/JPJ 
Summary:  4,584 words, Lena joins LZ on their last night in San Francisco
Warnings: NSFW. Language. RPF. Lemon. Consensual Rough Play. DS/SM situation.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, inspired by a certain photograph, but in no way ever occured.

"You think she’ll do it?" said the British sounding man.
"Jim said she was a willing slut," said a second British voice. 

When I heard that I lifted my head from the lunch receipts. A willing slut with a British guy called Jim sounded like the tale relayed to me by Ellen, one of the newer waitresses. The silly child, who in the month she had waited tables in the hotel restaurant, had "dates" with hotel guests just about every night she was on. That girl was going to catch something or get fired if she wasn’t more careful. When I came in for my shift this afternoon I had run into her leaving after a night spent with the guitarist from Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page. That twit wasn’t even a fan! I was the one who had seen them each time they came through San Francisco, including two nights ago at the Winterland, and I had both their albums. She’d said he’d done things to her no man had ever done before. Some of which had been a little scary but as she told me

"I’ve never been fucked so hard or come so hard in my life." Which pissed me off, how many great fucks could she have had at the ripe old age of nineteen? I was almost twenty six and while I’d had some enjoyable romps in bed, I could count on both hands the number of times I’d had what I considered great sex, with fingers left over to bring myself off!

The Brit guys were John Bonham and Robert Plant, I knew they were staying at the hotel but didn’t think I’d see them in the dining room. Because the hotel was central to several rock venues, we frequently had rock groups staying here.  You rarely saw them, they tended to use room service rather than eating in the restaurant. How in the world did I miss them when I came in to work? The guys continued talking, "Find out if she’s working tonight. It’s our last night of freedom before we go back to the wives and kiddies." They waved me over asking for the check. I handed it to them and Bonham signed it to the room. "Tell me love, is the young blonde waitress working tonight?" he asked.

"No sir, she was going down to Santa Cruz today with friends. Is there something I can do for you?" Man I sounded like a square, but I’d been a waitress too long to treat a customer any other way but polite.

Plant looked at me for a moment and asked "We haven’t seen you in the dining room before, what’s your name darling?"

"If you don't mind me saying, it's because I'm a fan of your music and was at your gigs the last two nights, and Ellen covered for me. I'm only here tonight because she had to take off for Santa Cruz. My name is Lena, Mr. Plant."

"You don’t’ have to call me mister, Lena. Glad you made our gigs. Tell me, are you as adventurous as your friend?"

Christ, what was I supposed to say to that? ‘How to respond to Robert Plant coming onto you’ is not in the waitresses’ handbook. Bonzo punched Robert on the arm and said "Quit it you ass, this one’s too smart for the likes of us."

At that point I told myself what the fuck, go for it. "Why? What are you guys looking for?"

Robert looked at Bonzo who nodded, and Robert said "It would involve spending time with the four of us after the gig tonight. It’s something Jimmy told us the other day, from when he was with the Yardbirds, but we’re thinking it would be a fun way to come down after the show. Have a last blast before we go back to Merrie Olde England. It might be a little far out for some women, but does that sound like something you could dig?"

Bonzo interjected "No pressure girl. We can always find willing flesh backstage. But it could be fun for all of us."

Thinking of what Ellen told me, I decided I would happily fuck my way through Jones, Bonham and Plant, to get to Page, and a little kink intrigued me. "All right, when do you want me to come by?"

"Show starts at eight, ought to be back in the hotel room around one. Tell you what, you show up on the fourth floor at midnight and someone will show you where to go. You can hang out, stay loose till we get there. Sound cool to you girl?"

"Yes sir it does."

Robert laughed and Bonzo said "Starting to like being called sir, keep it up. We’ve got to get to the Winterland for the soundcheck. See you later then."

"You will sir."

I got off work late that shift, around eleven. I didn’t mind as the tips were great, but it would take me an hour to go to my apartment in the Ave’s, shower, change and get back to the hotel. So I went up to the fourth floor to see if someone would let me in the room early. A big, hairy, burly guy was sitting in the hallway and stood up asking "What are you here for?" I told him I was meeting the guys for a party but thought I would come early so I didn’t have to go home.

"So you’re Lena then, you’re on the list. Come on, let’s get you tucked away." He opened one of the rooms and showed me in. "There’s beer in the icebox, champagne chilling in the ice bucket, liquor, coke, weed, and ludes on the table. Enjoy yourself. I’m told the gig’s going well so they might be back late. The guys can’t seem to stop playing when they get in the groove." This guy had better patter than the hotel concierge, which put me at ease. I thanked him and when he closed the door after himself, I heard the snick of a lock. Shrugging, I rolled a joint and laid down to rest my feet.

When I woke up, it was twelve thirty. "Shit!" I ran and jumped in the shower hoping I would be ready when they got in. Hurriedly I showered using whoever’s yummy smelling soap and shampoo was in the shower stall, much nicer than my stuff at home. I toweled off and spotted the hair dryer and curling iron. I thought to myself "Good, at least my hair will look halfway decent" and started drying it. When it was almost dry, I bent over and dried it the rest of the way upside down. As I was doing that I felt a hand smooth over my bare rump.

"Don’t stand up" a quiet voice said, taking the dryer out of my hand, turning it off and setting it back on the bathroom counter. I stayed bent over while the man ran his hands over my ass and up my back, reaching around me to feel the weight of my breast. He gave my nipples a little pinch and said "These are lovely, big and soft, that will be nice for a change." His hands went back to my ass and then he went to his knees behind me, saying"Touch your toes." His tongue headed straight for my slit, tasting me, he stuck it in my hole and pretty soon I was moaning and juices were running down my leg, whether from my cunt or his saliva I don’t know. A deeper voice from behind us said "You don’t waste time, do you James?" The thought "Ohmygod Jimmy Page is eating me out" ran through my head. Jimmy stopped for a second and said "Give me a minute Bonzo, she’s almost there." And went back to slurping me up like I was soup. His thumb started rubbing my clit in a swirling motion and I started coming like a freight train. He tugged my hips to get me sitting down on his knees, rubbing my shoulders and breasts. His mouth, sticky from my juices, murmured in my ear. Oh god, I could smell his pussy scented breath."You ready to go out and see the guys yet?" I was still weak-kneed but nodded my head. Giving me a little smack on my rear, we got up from the bathroom floor. He turned around and walked into the hotel room, me following him like a puppy.

Robert was laying on the bed laughing about the "old girl" being hungry, Bonzo leaning against the goodie table and Jonesy sitting in a large overstuffed chair. When we walked in the room the three of them got up and came over to us. Jimmy said "On your knees girl." I dropped to my knees and looked up at the guys. A little shiver went through me when I realized the vulnerability of my position, on my knees, naked, with four very intense looking men, fully dressed, looking down at me.

Jimmy asked, "What’s your safe word girl"

"What do you mean?"

He sighed and said "If things are getting too intense or you can’t handle it any more you say your safe word. Pick something other than ‘ no’ or ‘ stop.’ Something you’re not likely to yell out in passion."

I promptly said "Grandma."

The guys laughed at that.

"It’s not a word I’m likely to yell out in passion sir."

"Good choice, " said Jimmy, "now tell me your good word if you like something and want it to continue."

"Sir, it’s push push."

For some reason Robert thought this was hilarious but quieted immediately when Jimmy shot him a look.

Finally someone stepped forward. It was Jonesy. "Unzip my flies and suck my cock."

I shuffled forward a few inches and carefully drew down the zipper. He had on nice white BVD’s. I pushed his jeans and BVD’s down. Releasing his swelling cock into my hand, I leaned forward and took it in my mouth, one hand grasped around the base, the other caressing his hip. I commenced sucking.

Bonzo came and got down behind me, pushing my legs open so he could fit his thighs under mine. He stroked my breasts roughly then pinched my nipples causing me to gasp, letting Jonesy ‘s cock fall out of my mouth. Bonzo gave my bottom a sharp slap saying "Don’t let that happen again girl." I started up again on Jonesy with my mouth, trying hard to concentrate on that when hands were moving down my body to my pussy. Opening me up with his fingers, first inserting one, then two. Pushing them in and out of me. I arched my back a little bit and he took advantage and pushed in a third finger. My mouth diligently went up and down on Jonesy’s cock, all the while the delicious tight feeling in my pussy made me want to moan in ecstasy, but I didn’t. I was being good. Taking his hands away from my cunt, I could feel Bonzo behind me unzip and heard a rustle of plastic. Good, he was using a condom. I was wearing my diaphragm, but I appreciated the protection. Jonesy was now fully rock hard and having a hard time stopping himself from thrusting all the way down my throat. He breathed faster and faster then pulled out of my mouth quickly saying "I don’t want to come yet."

Pushing me down until I was on all fours, Bonzo settled in behind and with a quick thrust pushed into me. I threw my head up mouth open in surprise at the heavy solid feeling of him deep inside me. Jonesy had collapsed into the chair massaging his cock, still breathing hard, Jimmy now sitting on the arm of the chair. Robert had stripped off his shirt and was already shimmying his jeans down his lean thighs. He got down on the carpet in front of me and there it was. Robert Plant’s cock.

It was a gorgeous cock, thick, uncut, and already pointing to the sky without me touching it. He guided his cock into my mouth and put his hands on my head, although he didn’t have to guide my head much, by now Bonzo was really in a groove and banging away behind me. Rob reached under me and started playing with my swaying breasts, at the same time Bonzo was grunting loudly at each thrust. He said to him "Slow down Bonzo, you’re going to blow your wad too soon."

In between each thrust Bonzo said "feels - too - fucking - good - jaysus - here - I - come!" whereupon he gave one last powerful thrust and shuddered with his ejaculation, collapsing on my back, forcing me down hard onto Rob’s cock. I gagged and Robert pulled out of my mouth, he lifted my head and pushed my hair back, looking in my watering eyes. "You all right then?" he asked.

I nodded and said, "push, push."

I heard Jimmy say "Good girl." Robert proceeded to press me all the way down to the floor and turned me over on my back. He straddled my shoulders so his balls were laying on my chin. He then bent over and braced himself on one arm and with the other positioned himself so he could fuck my mouth. Ahh, his cock filled my mouth again, it felt different this time with him above me and unable to move my head. I felt shivery yet eager. But involuntarily the lower half of my body undulated like the waves of the ocean, announcing to the men that my cunt was needing attention.

"You gonna have a go now Jim?" Jonesy asked, "‘cause I’m ready for round two."

"Not just yet," he replied "go on," lighting another cigarette and taking a big swallow from his glass of whiskey.

Jonesy, shedding his jeans stumbled over Bonzo who was still on the floor enjoying the afterglow from his orgasm. Bonzo grunted "you bastard" and pulled himself up grabbing a joint and a bottle of vodka from the laden table before flopping onto the bed. Jimmy sank into the vacated chair and settled in to watch Rob fuck my mouth and Jones fuck my pussy. I felt Jonesy’s hands on my legs lifting them, spreading them so he could get his thighs snug under mine raising my pelvis so he could enter me easily. But he didn’t enter me right away, he was looking at my spread open pussy clasping at nothing like it was begging to be filled. I moaned and relaxed my throat further lifting my head up so Robert’s cock was down my throat and my nose was rubbing into his pubic hairs. The arm Robert was leaning on started shaking and Rob said "Oh fuck that feels good." I pulled back before I really threw up. Saliva stimulated by my gag reflex, poured out of my mouth and ran down my face. Robert said "Oh girl you are going to have to do that again, " giving me a second more to recover before he went deep again. This time he pulled out and got off me before I gagged, saying "I don’t want to jizz too early like that tosser Bonzo."

Jonesy then pulled me up so I was impaled on his cock facing him, my arms went up to his shoulders and I arranged my legs around him so I could lift my self. His cock felt good in me, not as big as Bonzo’s but he filled me comfortably. He kissed me then, his mouth tasting of cigarettes and whiskey, it was a pleasurable taste, I wondered what he thought about the taste of Rob’s cock in my mouth. His hands on my hips urged me to move up and down on him. I felt a movement behind me, and Robert was back for more.

"You didn’t resist long" teased Jonesy.

Rob told him "Move your legs so I can get closer," and he asked me, "You ever taken it in the ass girl?"

I could feel his fingers slicking something cool on my anus, and then a cool slippery finger was in my rectum. "No sir, I’ve never done that before."

"I’ll go slow, and I’m well slicked up with lube, don’t tense up your arse and it should go easy."

Jimmy said from the chair "Use your safe word girl, if you need him to stop." Why did it feel like he was directing our interlude, he didn’t say much and other than obeying his impulse to eat me out when he found me bent over in the bath room he hadn’t touched me, or himself. Maybe it was because my eyes were drawn to his often and I could sense Bonzo, Jones, and Rob frequently looking at him.

I looked over at Jimmy as Robert began easing his cock into my rectum. He stared straight into my eyes, his solemn face watching me getting fucked in the pussy by one of his band mates, and in the ass by another. Oh god I was stretching painfully, could I handle this? I must have got a panicky look in my eyes because without taking his eyes off mine, Jimmy said "breathe." I let out the breath I had been holding unknowingly and took in a slow deep breath. "All right now girl?"

All I said was "push push."

All of Robert was in me now and he began to move. Jonesy let out a half-gasp half-moan and said, "Jesus I can feel your cock in her, rubbing against mine."

"Good innit it" said Robert, now essentially fucking both me and Jonesy.

"I can’t stop this time. It feels so good." Jonesy’s hips began pumping vigorously and quickly, like a spasm of pain/pleasure was running through his body. He came hard and dropped back on his hands. "Oh Christ, I can’t feel m’legs."

Robert held still for a moment until Jonesy could untangle himself from our menage and throw himself on the bed with Bonzo. Then he resumed his pumping. It wasn’t too much longer before he too was pumping furiously into my ass. Breathing hard enough to make himself light headed he finally loosed his load into the condom, and both of us fell to the floor.

After he recovered somewhat, he put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck with soft warm kisses. "You did good, girl. Thanks for letting me do that to you." Then he looked over at Jonesy "Did you like feeling my cock rubbing up on yours through her, you poof?"

"Fuck you Rob, but that was brilliant. Done it before have you?"

"I’ll never tell you that Jimmy and I have doubled up on a few girls in our day, and wouldn’t you know, I’m the back door man." Robert jumped up from out nest on the hotel room floor, and said "I’m off for the showers." He kicked Bonzo awake and said "C’mon mate, let’s drag your ass to bed. Ta Lena, ta Jim." With that the mostly clad beast and the stark naked god rambled on out the door.

Jonesy stood up and pulled his jeans on sans BVD’s. He leaned down and helped me to my feet and patted my shoulder. He turned to Jimmy and said "Sorry you didn’t participate in the festivities, I feel like we left you out, and this all due to your wild Yardbirds stories. Another time, right mate?" On that friendly note he too tottered out of the room. I was now alone with the guitar god, Jimmy Page.

"So your name’s Lena is it? Well, come here Lena."

While not said in a menacing tone, his words sent a shiver down my spine. The whole time I had been fucking Bonzo, Jonesy and Robert, Jimmy had sat in the overstuffed chair watching and smoking, his cloud of dark hair mostly obscuring his face. Even when I could see nothing except for Zeppelin cock, I could feel his presence in the room, intently observing me servicing the guys. I walked up to him and stood right in front of him. I could see the intensity of his hazel eyes and the heavy shadow of his beard.

"Jonesy didn’t use a condom, go to the bath and clean yourself up. Be quick about it."

Following Jimmy’s directions, I went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth, washing cum from my thighs, folding the cloth over and carefully cleaning my now aching pussy, then carefully wiped the lube from my sore asshole. It didn’t feel awful like I expected, just not great. I rinsed out the washcloth, splashed water on my face and got myself a drink of water. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I ran my fingers through my hair and thought I looked pretty damn good. So went back to Jimmy, who was standing pouring himself another drink, cigarette hanging from his lips. When he had taken a sip of his drink, he asked "Did you not hear me say ‘be quick about it’?"

"Yes sir, I did, but I was thirsty so I had a ...."

"Quiet!" he interrupted. "I expect to be obeyed. Get on your hands and knees now." I did and he went to the closet and took a long, thin rod out of it. Walking back over to me, he said "You’re about to get schooled, girl." With the cane he tapped my rump, telling me I was getting six strokes, more if I didn’t take my strokes gracefully.

I braced myself for the first stroke, at the quick burst of stinging pain, I audibly took in a breath of air and held it.

As earlier, when I almost came apart with Rob penetrating my ass, he told me to breathe. Then proceeded with the caning, each stroke progressively harder. On the sixth, he stopped and pulled my head up by my hair. Seeing the blood on my lip where I had bitten it and the tears in my eyes, he said "You’ve done well Lena, you make me proud."

Gazing into his eyes, which seemed a darker hazel now, I replied to him, "push push."

Smiling a little now, he stood back up and ‘thwack’ came the stroke and another burst of pain. He walked away from me now and put the cane back into the closet. Was he removing temptation to give me a few more? Returning to me, he helped me to stand and brought me to the bed and had me lay down on my stomach.

Standing in front of me he undid the cuffs of his cowboy-style shirt, an almost sheer white fabric trimmed in teal blue. Undoing the shiny silver snaps he removed his shirt, revealing his chest. He had the smoothest, palest skin I had ever seen, and while he wasn’t muscular, I knew his tense strength as my smarting ass could attest to. His velvet trousers and briefs were next revealing his curved cock, uncut just like Robert, and not as thick, but longer. He kneeled on the back of my thighs and unscrewed the top off a jar of face cream. Smoothing the cream on the skin of my tender ass, he began gently massaging and squeezing my cheeks, breathing more heavily as he went on. I could feel his velvety cock and balls resting on my thighs and the thought of them made my pussy clench in desire for them.

He raised himself off my thighs and turned me over face up. For a moment he stared at my large breasts, with their pale nipples. He wasn’t so different from other men in that respect, in my experience all men, even my gay friends, had a fascination with my boobs. Nipples clasped between long fingers, my breasts overflowed his slender hands. His guitar player callouses were tough and added a delicious sensation that made me quiver more. I wanted him in me now!

"You need to have a little patience darling, I could spend hours alone on your gorgeous breasts." He dipped his head down and began kissing and licking my breasts, teasing my nipples with the tip of his tongue. His teeth scraped them now and then shockingly he bit them, not hard, but firm enough to get a grip on them and pull. It felt like there was a cord running straight to my cunt, it was being pulled tight as Jimmy’s teeth pulled on my nipple. Abruptly he released, causing more quivers and just a little moan. He smiled at me now and then moved off me to my side, pulling my leg up and over his, and grabbing my hips he lifted my up high enough so my pussy was right at mouth level. Oh yes, there was his tongue swirling on my clit again and then stiffening it, entered my vagina, he tongue-fucked me a bit, until his face and my crotch were soaking wet with cunt juice and spit. He kept at it until without warning I came hard, jumping out of his hands and letting out a loud scream. He moved up my body quickly, draping his long slender limbs over mine and we kissed each other with open mouths and tangling tongues.

"Do you like the way you taste?" he asked.

"I taste salty and sweet, delicious."

"Delicious, perfect." Then he dove back in and we were back to tongues, teeth, and hands everywhere.

He pulled one of my legs up and over and entered me with a hard quick thrust. He felt a little frantic pumping into me like he was but I was just as frantic to have his cock in me. I soon discovered the advantage his long curved cock had as he kept hitting my g-spot over and over. I came once more and he stilled for a moment, rearranging my legs again so they were bent up over his arms and then began stroking slower and deeper.

I gasped "Oh Jimmy, you make me feel so good."

"You have no idea how hard a time I’m having not going off like a bottle rocket, Lena." Jimmy was breathing really hard now and his bony hips, which were digging into me, began thrusting more quickly now.

I couldn’t believe it, but I was winding up to another orgasm. This just didn’t happen to me. "Keep going, please don’t come yet," I begged.

He got a faraway look on his face and I could tell he was trying hard to not come before I could have my fourth of the night. Thank goodness I was almost there. He let go my legs, which automatically wrapped around his, and he bit my nipple again. That did it. I started coming at the same time his entire body convulsed. We held onto each other tight until each of us was done quivering, then my arms and legs just collapsed on the mattress and Jimmy collapsed on me.

We stayed like that until Jimmy rolled off me and said "Sleep now Lena." Naked, he got up to light a cigarette and pour himself another drink. And I drifted off, not waking until hours later to an empty hotel room. I sat up looking around, he must have been very quiet in getting his things out of the room. There was a note on the bedside table. I picked it up and read it. He wrote

                  "Lovely Lena,

                              Push. Push.,


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