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Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
2:19 pm
Nobody's fault...
But mine.
ledded_pencils is still on LJ...and so am I.
My life has been a rollercoaster, but if you have work to put up here, please do so.
I see that the censorship never happened, yay for all writers.
Again, I'm very sorry that I can't keep up with my own life, but I WILL stay loyal to L_P and all of you that are still here.
MzM xx

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Monday, October 27th, 2008
8:44 am
Title: Coffee and a Blow Job, Part I
Author: Eau 'Burg
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Jimmy Page, Marty (Valet and Nanny for LZ), OFC Natalie
Word Count: 4,214 m/l
Warnings: Language, adult situations, drug use
Disclaimer: Although based on a real person, it's fiction. I made the whole thing up.
Summary: Three parts taking place in 1977. It begins with Natalie sneaking into a Led Zeppelin concert. She gets a view of Jimmy that many of us would kill for. Later, he nearly spits on her, she slips him her tongue, then turned him down when he asked her to join him later. She gets in a fight alongside his employee, the makes herself at home in his hotel. The usual.

Part ICollapse )

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
6:27 pm
Play It Again, James
  Play It Again, James
Author:  Eau 'Burg
Rating: NC-17 
Characters: JP/OFC
Summary:  3,776 words, follow up to On The Sixth, Jimmy meets Lena three years later
Warnings: NSFW. Language. RPF. 
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, inspired by real events, but never occured in actuality.

Theremin FreakoutJimmy came off stage last after bowing to the crowd. Everyone was furious with him for flying commercial instead of Starship1 and being hours late for the gig. But he was tired of being so removed from the real world,

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
3:40 pm
Sick Again

 Title: Sick Again
Author: Pearl (or </a></font></b></a>beatles_who)
Starring: Jimmy Page, OFC
Rating: R (for language)
Disclaimer: No one is from my creation (except the OFC)
Synopsis: This was originally going to be smutty (my first), but kind of got a mind of it's own halfway through. It's definitely NOT clean, but just not graphic either. (c. 1975)

Alright, this is my first time posting a fic here, so...enjoy? It's more of a dialogue exchange, than any real action, but it has Jimmy either way. :)

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Friday, June 13th, 2008
12:25 pm

Title: Testing Begins
Author: Eau 'Burg
Characters: JP/OFC
Rating: NC17
Warnings: RPF, sexually explicit, adult language
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, except for some basic facts this in no way ever occurred
About this story: Recently, a contributor to this community posted a story in which whips taking down chandeliers was mentioned. This sparked my interest in tales of the destruction wreaked by the band, and I wrote one scenario involving a television that got pushed out of a hotel room window. Then the contributor threw out a challenge for someone to write a Ledded_Pencils story about the following scenario relayed by a journalist, who interviewed Jimmy Page in 1977. The interview took place in Jimmy Page's hotel room in the Ambassador East Hotel which was Led Zeppelin’s Chicago base. According to the reporter "While plugging in the microphone, I glanced up and saw a huge hole in the wall; massive chunks of plaster littered the floor where a completely destroyed telephone also sat in pieces. I looked up at Jimmy, briefly, and he noted the concern on my face. He told me the ringing of the phone bothered him, so he took it off the hook. But then the busy signal noises perturbed him even more. . . ‘There was nothing left for me to do,’ Jimmy said, wearing a strange little grin, ‘but pull the phone out of the wall. And just carry on.’ " Of course Jimmy wasn't going to tell a journalist the real reason the phone got damaged...

Saturday, May 31st, 2008
12:01 pm

Title: Televison Falls
Author: Eau 'Burg
Characters: JP/OFC
Summary: Short but sweet vignette inspired by mnamanarayana's Quiet Life, explaining just how that that television fell through that window
Rating: R 
Warnings: RPF, sexually explicit
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, in no way ever occured, except for the tele part.

As soon as they closed the door to the hotel room, he pushed her miniskirt up and over her bottom and pulled down her silky panties. Unzipping her shiny leather jacket, so he had access to her breasts, he pushed her against the bureau.

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
4:57 pm
FIC: Quiet Life (1/1)
Title: Quiet Life
Author: Narayana
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jimmy/OFC
Summary:  Fiction. This did not happen. 2,200 words. For Jimmy, relaxation means having a pretty girl to spank.
Warnings: See summary.
Saturday, May 24th, 2008
10:12 am
 My first entry of hopefully many to come. It's pretty long, but too lazy today for dividing it into chapters. This story was inspired by the third picture down which I first saw months ago, that induced some nice fantasies for me. With the encouragment of a good friend and fellow Zep Head I came up with this...

Title:  On The Sixth
Author:  Eau 'Burg
Rating: NC-17 
Characters: In order of appearance, Lena the waitress, RP/JB/JP/JPJ 
Summary:  4,584 words, Lena joins LZ on their last night in San Francisco
Warnings: NSFW. Language. RPF. Lemon. Consensual Rough Play. DS/SM situation.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, inspired by a certain photograph, but in no way ever occured.

"You think she’ll do it?" said the British sounding man.
"Jim said she was a willing slut," said a second British voice. 

When I heard that I lifted my head from the lunch receipts. A willing slut with a British guy called Jim sounded like the tale relayed to me by Ellen, one of the newer waitresses. The silly child, who in the month she had waited tables in the hotel restaurant, had "dates" with hotel guests just about every night she was on. That girl was going to catch something or get fired if she wasn’t more careful. When I came in for my shift this afternoon I had run into her leaving after a night spent with the guitarist from Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page. That twit wasn’t even a fan! I was the one who had seen them each time they came through San Francisco, including two nights ago at the Winterland, and I had both their albums. She’d said he’d done things to her no man had ever done before. Some of which had been a little scary but as she told me

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
12:34 pm
Welcome to ledded_pencils

Welcome everyone!

I decided to set this corner of LJ up for those of you who enjoy your Led fic with women as the boys objects of desire! We all just -know- they loved the ladies in all kinds of ways.

Please remember, het does not mean BORING...there is nothing worse than a story that goes nowhere. Don't be shy and let your minds run free. LJ might just like our bravery!

Read the rules in our community user info and I'll see you inside. Comment on this entry and send a request to get membership. Tell me a little about yourself and why you wish to join. Thanks.


Maihem x

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